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Personal Coaching

Are you successful at something you don't want to be doing?  Does the thought of giving that up frighten you?  Do you feel you don't have any choice but to carry on?

You're successful because of who you are and how you think, you will succeed at whatever you want to do.  Why not be successful at something that makes you happy?

Business Coaching

Are you so busy running your successful business that you don't have the time to look over the horizon? Do you want faster growth but are too busy delivering existing work? Or perhaps you don't have the time to enjoy your success?  Maybe you want to be successful at something else but can't let go?  If so you will not be alone and getting back on track can be quite straight forward.


Yachting Coaching

Since my childhood I have been passionate about the sea and had a thirst to learn as much as I could.  As an RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor and Examiner I have had the privilege to share experiences with some wonderful people.  I have been coaching RYA Instructors since 1997 and know what it takes to achieve this elite level of yachting competence. Whether it is your yachting skills or mindset, it would be a privilege to help you.


My Story

I joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 17 without taking time to think about what I wanted to do.  I had 20 fantastic years working with some of the best people I have met and the services gave me the opportunity to skipper Challenge 67 yachts in wonderful parts of the world.  As I approached my 38th birthday I had an opportunity to choose my direction for the first time in 21 years.  Friends and colleagues challenged why I would turn down another promotion and walk away from a gold plated pension at 55.  But when my daughter was 10 we had lived in 11 houses and I was not prepared to commute at weekends, move the family every two years, or put the children into boarding school.  Great reasons to make a change, but if I'm honest I just wanted to do something different.  Starting to explore my choices was enlightening.

My first degree and Masters are in aerospace engineering and opportunities in that world were plentiful. But my real interest is in people and I undertook a 6 month coaching diploma at Newcastle University and established Clarity as a training company.  The first accountant I approached advised that I had no sales experience, no business experience and no corporate experience so I would probably fail; opinions are a cheap commodity, people offer them for free. He was wrong.

Whilst delivering a leadership and management training programme for the UK Sailing Academy in Cowes I became good friends with their CEO, David Green.  In 2005 he asked my to park my plans for the next two years and help him send young people from deserving backgrounds on three week legs sailing around the world on Gipsy Moth IV, Sir Francis Chichester's historic yacht. This programme shaped my future direction.

Delegates on our Institute of Leadership and Management coaching programme were not completing the course because they did not have people to practice their coaching skills.  Young people coming home from their Gipsy Moth voyage went back to their challenging home life with nobody to support them.  So we matched them together, a true win-win, and established the Community Coaching Programme and set up a new enterprise to help company employees make a difference through volunteering.

In 2019 we delivered over 600 team events in 120 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland and started building a digital platform to enable employees from across the world to volunteer remotely as a team.  Covid accelerated the deployment of the technology and in 2020 we secured our first international client to support their volunteering in 40 countries.   

I am fortunate to be able to run an organisation that helps people make a difference in the world.  It gives me the time to coach a few individuals professionally where I believe I can make a big difference to  them.  And I get to sail in lovely parts of the world helping sailors that want to be the best to achieve their goals.  

"Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are usually right"

Henry Ford


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